rhaegar-the-last-dragon perguntou: CAN WE SEE YOUR THUMB NAIL??!

yes prepare



meet the blogger


  • name: Izzy
  • eye color: Blue
  • hair style/color: Uhhhh, depends when you catch me. At this very moment its a high/low fire red/orange bob.
  • height: Short
  • clothing style: Leather and pretty.
  • best physical feature: My ass, you fuckers.
  • your fears: Needles. Dead set, needles.
  • your guilty pleasure: Ain’t guilty of shit, I like rap music, really bad rap music, but I’m not ashamed.
  • ambitions for the future: Write and direct theatre in my own theatre company.


  • your first thoughts waking up: SHIT DO I HAVE WORK nope lets lay here for three hours
  • what you think about most: how weird the back of my hair feels, at the moment anyway, and also how fucking gross my bloody thumb nail looks.
  • what you think about before bed: Podcasts are my go too, so usually I’m just going with whatever they’re going with.
  • you think your best quality is: quick wit and deprecating sense of humour, yo.


  • single or group dates: group
  • to be loved or respected: PORQUENOSLASDOS
  • beauty or brains: PORQUENOSLASDOS
  • dogs or cats: PUPPIES. Sausage dog puppies.


  • lie: Not really, I do my best not to in every situation.
  • believe in yourself: I AM SUPER HUMAN
  • believe in love: diggity
  • want someone: I bag that man already


  • been on stage: Yes mam, and realised I wasn’t suited for it- behind stage is my game.
  • done drugs: yes
  • changed who you were to fit in: Fuck no, I’ve been me since year 5


  • favorite color: Purple?  
  • favorite animal: SAUSAGE DOG PUPPIES
  • favorite movie: Revolutionary Road or 22 Jump Street or or or or or Vampire Academy just bc its so shitty its amazing.
  • favourite game:  Stanley Parable.

My friends and I took a road trip from sydney across state to visit our capital, we couldn’t resist popping into parliament house while they were sitting the repealing of the carbon tax.

guess who looks hot tonight? hint: me

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this one time there was a barbie&ken themed party i went to and i was hipster barbie and we all lived happily ever after

I dance

New icon is me and my new buddie in berlin

been a while since u ceen my face

picture for anon of more than just one skin cell, and incase other anon can’t tell- I’m on the left.

Anonymous perguntou: you should upload a picture of you. a tt would be cool but if not then whateves still show your face today mmmk

you’re so damn classy gz

have me eating chocolate after a busy day at work


Anonymous perguntou: 14, 66 + upload a picture of you today :D

14: Honestly, has anyone seen you in your underwear in the past 3 months?

I don’t think so but I may have my time lines up but no one’s seen me OH WAIT

WAIT NO I went shopping with my lovely friend heidi today and she saw me in my undies in the change room  because we’re mad bros.

66: Were your last three kisses from the same person?

Nope all different. I had a phase ok but I haven’t hooked up in a while ok- IM BEING CHASTE.

Not happenin- no photo of me today but you can have a photo of me before going out on friday b/c i looked mad cute.


dressing up more to go to gay clubs than hetro ones #THEWINDSHAVECHANGED

new hair

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This is my new favourite shirt, the full title is “I don’t think of you that often… TBH. And I’d appreciate it if you’d stay away from my friends.”